Energy Gymnastics FAQs

How to Register for Gymnastics?

Registering for Energy Gymnastics is easy. You can use any of the following methods to register for any of our gymnastics classes and programs:

  • Online: Register online for gymnastics HERE.
  • Via telephone: We can register your children over the phone with a credit card.  Simply call (570) 523-1775.
  • Via Check, Credit Card, or Cash: You can also register directly at the Gymnastics Center with any of the above methods.

Please read our SAFETY RULES AND REGULATIONS prior to registering for gymnastics.


Please note that we do offer two discounts, available through the Gymnastics Center only—these discounts cannot be applied if you are registering online.

Family Discount: 10% off your total bill for each additional child enrolled from the same family in the same session (maximum limit of 30% with four children).

Multiple Class Discount: 20% off your total bill for enrolling one child in more than one class during the same session.

Please contact the Gymnastics Center directly to take advantage of these discounts.

Please read our FAQs.

Safety Rules and Regulations

Because we want your little gymnasts to be as happy as possible, we go to every length to ensure that the gym is a safe place to tumble and play. However, we can't be everywhere at once; so please make sure to follow these basic rules and regulations of behavior when you're in the gym.

    • Children must wait in the seating area with a parent/guardian until their class begins.
    • No street shoes allowed in the gym! Rocks and other debris can be tracked in and injure children or equipment.
    • No food or drinks allowed in the gymnastics area.
    • Children are not allowed on gymnastics equipment without an instructor present. This includes siblings and/or friends of registered participants.
    • No parent or sibling spotting of children is allowed! Our instructors know how to safely "spot," (assist) your children with their skills. If you ever feel there is an unsafe situation, please talk to the instructor.
    • Appropriate attire must be worn for gymnastics classes. Please no buttons, zippers, belts, jewelry, or other hard items that may scratch other gymnasts or equipment.
    • Long hair should be pulled back away from the face. Sport straps are recommended for children with glasses.
    • No horseplay allowed. Gymnasts will be expected to follow proper gym and social behavior; failure to act in an appropriate and safe manner may result in removal from class.
    • If you drop your child off for class, please inform their instructor. Children are not allowed outside the facility without a parent or approved guardian.
    • Children may not leave their class without permission from their instructor. This includes trips to the bathroom or water fountain.
    • Please leave valuable items in your car or at home; the gym is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear?

We're very flexible about attire in the gym. Whatever your child can move comfortably in is fine with us! Of course, shoes must be removed prior to participation, and we may ask children to remove socks if they slip on the trampoline or other equipment. Shorts and a t-shirt, leotards/unitards, or layers are recommended, and we ask that clothing does not include any hard buttons, zippers, or strings that may catch on the equipment or your child.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather causes dangerous driving conditions, for both our instructors and our clients, we may decide to cancel classes. We try to stay ahead of bad weather and make these decisions before 2:00PM on class nights. If the weather is bad enough to close the gymnastics center, we will announce it on Facebook, change the voicemail on our phone, send out an email blast about the cancellation, and send an announcement via Remind. In these cases, we'll schedule a make-up day specifically for these missed classes. For information on what to do when inclement weather prevents you from attending a class that is still being held, please read the next question regarding make-ups.

My child is sick/attending other activities/out of town. What do I do if I miss a class?

We understand life is hard to schedule. You may make-up a class at any other class time of a corresponding class in the same session, however, we do ask that you contact us first to ensure there is availaibility. So if your kiddo misses their Monday Sparks! class due to illness but they're feeling better by Wednesday, just give us a call and jump in Thursday's Sparks! class! If you know in advance that you'll be missing more than two classes in a session - if you're going on vacation, for example - talk to an instructor or give us a call about pro-rating your registration prior to signing up.

Where can I park?

Please park in the west parking lot closest to route 15. If you are a ParenTot, Fundamentals, or Jujitsu student, enter through door 19 and then the green door on your left. If you are any other recreational or team student, please enter through door 23 and then the green door on your left. Of course, you are also welcome to drop off your child, but please notify their instructor if you do so.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer two separate discounts if you register directly at the gymnastics center or over the phone. First, if you enroll children from the same family, you will receive 10% off your total bill for each additional child. Second, if you enroll a child for two classes in the same session, you will receive 20% off your total bill. Please make sure to register with a coach or by calling the gymnastics center prior to the session in which you wish to enroll to guarantee a spot in the class time you want.

Any other questions?
Contact the BVRA Gymnastics Center and/or Energy Gymnastics