Art & Nature Themed Birthday Parties

Art & Nature Themed Birthday Parties

BVRA offers a unique way to celebrate your child’s special day at our Children’s Play Garden (Warming House) or our new art room (Studio BVRA) in the Greenspace Building. 

General Information

The “BVRA Children’s Play Garden” is a 9500 sq ft enclosure on the grounds of the Lewisburg Community Pool where the focus will be on spaces that enable the type of play most important to young children: social play (pretending) and constructive play (building). Natural playgrounds encourage children to use their imaginations while simultaneously experiencing the smells, textures, and wonders of the natural world. This space includes: an entry feature, an open area for large-motor activities, climbing/crawling area, “messy materials” area, building area, nature art area, music and movement area, water area, dirt-digging area, sand area, gathering area, garden and/or a pathway through plantings, greenhouse, and a storage/composting area with numerous new features to be added. The Warming House attached to the Play Garden is also available for use in inclement weather for a limited number of children.

Studio BVRA is our new room in the Greenspace Building at 815 Market Street that can be used for a number of fun activities for children wanting to explore their artistic side. Try a themed craft or engage in group project activities with a staff member

Nature Based Party Themes

  • Bugs, Slugs and Ughs Find out what lives under a rock. We might find earthworms, ants, spiders, beetles, crickets, millipedes, and slugs, each of which plays a very important part in nature’s cycle of life! We will play “Head, Thorax, Abdomen”, and create a camouflaged critter to hide on the trail.
  • For the Birds Discover what makes a bird different from other animals. Role play the 5 “voices of birds” following a Bird Songs puppet show and they will participate in a Bird Beak Buffet to learn about the many adaptations of beaks. They will examine feathers and nests and will listen and look for birds with their home-made binoculars.
  • Scavenger Hunt– This is a great theme for the older kids. Party goers will race around the park locating types of trees, shrubs, creatures and special spaces. We will then play Tree Factory, identifying the important job of each part of the tree.
  • What’s Wild? Compare the lives of a wild and tame animals. Act out “A Day in the Life”, sort animals into categories, play Predator/Prey games and Animal Charades.

Art Based Party Themes 

  • Paint Party-  Kids can create their own masterpieces or work on a group painting. Let us know what interests your child and we will find an age appropriate prop and/or project to decorate. Children can take home their works of art.
  • Musical Shirts-  This is such a fun game for when the weather cooperates! Each child will get a spray bottle full of a non-toxic paint mixture and stand in front of a white shirt on a clothesline. We play some music and have the kids circle the shirts while spraying them with the water-paints as they go. When the music stops, they have to switch colors with the players next to them. Keep playing until all of the shirts have been sprayed with a colorful design. Leave the shirts on the line until they are dry, then hand them out as party favors.

A birthday party package includes:

  • Staff-led themed program
  • Facility Rental: Warming House and Children’s Play Garden- 2.5 hour total use: 15 minute set up, 1-hour program (including staff-led activities, games, and craft project), 1-hour playtime time, plus 15 minutes clean-up time.
  • Use of tables & chairs, refrigerator/freezer, trash/recycling removal, and on-site parking. Parents are responsible for food, beverages, paper products, decorations, set up and clean up.


  • Birthday parties include a 2.5 hour facility rental which includes set up/clean up (before and after event) and facilitation by staff members for up to 10 children.
  • $175 base fee, includes one staff attendant

To schedule a party, please contact the BVRA office at (570) 524-4774.