BVRA Board

The Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority Board consists of dedicated, community-minded members from the Lewisburg Borough and East Buffalo Township.

Board Chairperson
Sandra Cook, East Buffalo Township

Vice Chairperson
Peter Bergonia, Jr., Lewisburg Borough

Matt Hoffman, East Buffalo Township

Rick Kuczawa, East Buffalo Township

Lewisburg Borough Member
Gary Frederick, Lewisburg Borough

Lewisburg Borough Member
Kelsey Hicks, Lewisburg Borough

East Buffalo Township Board Member
Randy Sams, East Buffalo Township

The board meetings of the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority are open to all members of the community.  We welcome public comment and feedback.  Board meetings are also a great way to get involved in your community.  The 2017 board schedule is as follows:

  • January 25th: 8am- East Buffalo Township Building
  • February 22nd: 5pm- Lewisburg Borough Building
  • March 22nd: 8am- East Buffalo Township Building
  • April 26th: 5pm- Lewisburg Borough Building
  • May 24th: 8am- East Buffalo Township Building
  • June 28th: 5pm- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183
  • July 26th: 8am- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183
  • August 23rd: 5pm- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183
  • September 27th: 8am- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183
  • October 25th: 5pm- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183
  • November 15th: 8am- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183
  • December 13th: 5pm- GreenSpace Center, Conference Rm 183

**UPDATE** As of June, 2017 all meetings of the BVRA board will be held in our offices located at the GreenSpace Center (formerly the Lewisburg High School).  The GreenSpace Center is located at 815 Market Street.  To reach the BVRA offices it is recommended that visitors park in the lot on the west side of the building, closest to Route 15, and enter through door #19.  Once inside signs will lead you to room 183.

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