Private Lessons

At BVRA Gymnastics Center we offer private lessons if you want some additional one-on-one time for your child, subject to the regular gymnastics schedule of classes.  Private lessons must be scheduled directly through the gymnastics center with the instructor of your choice, or by calling our Gym Director John Rowe at (570) 412-1412.  Pricing is as follows.

1-hour private lesson: $40.00
1/2 hour private lesson: $25.00

1-hour lesson with multiple participants: $25.00 each participant
1/2 hour lesson with multiple participants: $15.00 each participant







Birthday Parties at the Gymnastics Center

Hosting your child’s birthday party at the BVRA Gymnastics Center is a great way to celebrate their special day while allowing the birthday boy or girl and their guests to tumble and play in a safe, fun environment! You can choose the Classic birthday party format, or one of our special themed parties. All parties include a full hour of supervised, structured activities in the gym with our certified coaching staff, as well as an additional thirty minutes for you to host the remainder of your party at your leisure in our seating area. Please note that the gymnastics center does not provide paper supplies such as napkins, tablecloths, or plates, but we do provide tables and chairs. You provide the food, and we’ll provide the fun!


When you rent the gymnastics center, you're paying for 2 hours of time in our facility which includes set up and clean up. An example of a party timeline is as follows.

1:15 PM: Show up and set up your decorations!

1:30 PM—2:30 PM: Party guests play and tumble with our instructors!

2:30 PM—3:00 PM: Enjoy food, cake, or presents in our seating area at your leisure! The obstacle courses/trampoline areas are now closed to party guests. Party guests depart.

3:15 PM: Clean up and departure.

Classic Party

Price: $175.00 for 1–10 guests, $225.00 for 11–20 guests, $275.00 for 21–30 guests

*Including the Foam Pit is an additional $30.00 fee.

Let your birthday boy or girl and their friends tumble on our obstacle courses, bounce on our trampoline, and play games on our spring floor until they fall over with exhaustion! This party style is open to suggestions from the birthday kiddo themselves, and will include an obstacle course, trampoline time, and your choice of games.

Nerf! Party

Price: $205.00 for 1–10 guests, $255.00 for 11–20 guests, $305.00 for 21–30 guests

This themed party choice is especially popular with birthday boys and rough and tumble birthday girls. We'll set up a Nerf war obstacle course around the gym to let your kids duke it out, Nerf dart style! We provide ten Nerf guns and various darts; feel free to encourage guests to bring their own weapons of choice.

Glow! Party

Price: $205.00 for 1–10 guests, $255.00 for 11–20 guests, $305.00 for 21–30 guests

This themed party is great for kids who love to dance and play - in the dark! Your birthday guests will play and tumble with the lights on, then it's time to glow! Glow sticks will be provided to every guest, and the party ends with a lights-out dance party.

Please note that we do not post scheduled birthday parties on our Events calendar. You must call to request available dates. Call us to schedule your birthday party today! (570) 523-1775