At Energy Gymnastics, we're dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for your child to explore the world of gymnastics. We feel that gymnastics is the "sport of life;" utilizing the strength, endurance, flexibility, mental discipline, and dedication learned in the gym, gymnastics will help your child find success in any endeavor they choose to pursue outside of the gym. So join us and play hard!

Our gym has recently completed a foam pit. Check out this amazing video of the pit being installed and used:


We offer Birthday Parties at the Gymnastics Center! Let your birthday boy or girl tumble, flip, spin, and fall in a safe and fun environment with structured games and activities to play with all of their friends. Birthday party time spots are available on Saturday afternoons and must be scheduled in advance. Parents can choose from our Classic Party option, or enjoy a specialty themed party such as Nerf or Glow! More information along with the pricing options for these parties are listed under our Events page.


Energy Gymnastics hosts competitive gymnastics programs for girls and boys. Our constantly expanding program has 3 objectives: 1) Keep our athletes safe. 2) Give our athletes a positive experience. 3) Progress our athletes in appropriate levels. Safety will always be our foremost concern. From equipment to spotting to proper progressions, our coaches will always focus on keeping our athletes as safe as possible. Additionally, we always want our gym to be a wonderful, happy place for our team. As the kids grow into adults, we want them to look back on their time with us fondly, and carry a lifetime of health benefits from being a part of our program. One of our favorite things is seeing how many of our kids don't want to leave the gym at the end of a practice. No matter how tired they are, they always seem to find a bit more energy to chase, play, or tumble a little longer. Finally, when an athlete is ready, coaches are confident, and the right process is in place, we are excited to advance our children through the levels of gymnastics to embrace challenges and face the competition. The Energy Gymnastics Team is by invitation only. If you think your child may be interested in competitive gymnastics, email or call/text 570-412-1412.


We offer classes from ParenTot for the littlest gymnasts to Recreation Elite for your advanced athlete. Our recreational program focuses on utilizing fun and games to teach your child the basics of gymnastics while keeping lesson plans exciting and varied. Every class works on every event - so that means boys play on the balance beams, and girls swing on the rings! Our instructors believe in positive reinforcement while teaching your children how to flip, swing, and tumble. Trial classes are free and require no payment obligation from you. Call us for a trial class!


Meet our BVRA Gymnastics Coaches

The Coaches at Energy Gymnastics bring everything to our program.  We have a wide variety of dedicated individuals who enjoy spending time training your kids.  Our staff boasts retired gymnasts, nurses, gymnastics judges, CrossFit coaches, and DECADES of experience!  We are constantly training our staff and improving our programming to meet the needs of our athletes.

Gymnastics gear and grips can now be ordered for home use as gifts through DGS or Resilite.