This class will explore the 24 movement Tai Chi form as well as other styles of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is known throughout the world as a moving meditation with amazing health benefits. This class will include Qi
Gong practices such as standing meditation with a focus on Tai Chi as the nurturing of energy and the science of power through structure. There is a laundry list of health benefits from practicing Tai Chi such as improved posture, mental focus, improvements in balance, emotional control, improved sleep quality, reduction in chronic pain, improved strength, and reduction of symptoms of numerous chronic conditions.

About the Instructor: Doug Stockton has over 25 years of experience in martial arts, including Karate, Kendo, arnis, Judo, BJJ, Chinese marital arts and full contact experience. He was most recently an instructor in Kung Fu, self defense, meditation and Tai Chi at Jose Johnson’s Chinese Martial Arts Center. Additionally, Doug works as a physical therapy clinician and applies his PT knowledge to teaching and practicing Martial Arts while also using Tai Chi to help treat the patients he sees daily. He has earned 5 black belts to date and continues to set new goals.