In my curriculum students will learn confidence and discipline, while still having a fun time and exercise. Students will learn traditional techniques and patterns, as well as practical self-defense and applications of these techniques. Along with that, they will learn some of Korea’s history and some of its language. As well I personally like to have variety in my classes, and try to practice different things. I like to keep the class focused but try to add some fun mixed in.

About the Instructor: My name is Carson Valiquette. I’ve always been interested in martial arts, and have been practicing Taekwondo since the age of eight. I’ve held a black belt in taekwondo since 2010. I’ve taken over teaching from my instructor David Gemberling and though I’ve only been running classes a few years I’m confident that I can run classes well and have fun with it. Practicing martial arts has helped me to be more confident and grow as a person and my hope is that I can pass that on to others.