This class will present martial arts training from within a classic Chinese martial arts paradigm. We will mix classic training practices with modern training practices in order to develop strength, conditioning, flexibility and functional skill. The class will use the martial art of Xing Yi Chuan as the basis but will include ideas and training methods from other sources as well. The use of Xing Yi Chuan allows the students to train in both internal and external training methodologies in order to attain the best fit for their training goals.

About the Instructor: Doug Stockton has over 25 years of experience in martial arts, including Karate, Kendo, arnis, Judo, BJJ, Chinese marital arts and full contact experience. He was most recently an instructor in Kung Fu, self defense, meditation and Tai Chi at Jose Johnson’s Chinese Martial Arts Center. Additionally, Doug works as a physical therapy clinician and applies his PT knowledge to teaching and practicing Martial Arts while also using Tai Chi to help treat the patients he sees daily. He has earned 5 black belts to date and continues to set new goals.