UCSC “Pick Up” Soccer

The Union County Soccer Club is a varied group of soccer enthusiasts that gather for “pick-up” matches in Lewisburg on a weekly basis. Players of all genders, ages (15+) and abilities are welcome. Pick-up soccer is a way for soccer clubs to give the game back to the players in the community. UCSC has been playing "pick-up" soccer in the area since before 2004.

  • Dates: April - November
  • When: Sundays and Wednesdays
  • Locations: BVRA West Field at St Mary Street Park
  • Time: 6pm (a little earlier during daylight savings)
  • What to bring: white and dark shirt
Note: Once you have signed up for your Season Playing Pass, you can request to be added to the UCSC Google group for updates and cancellations by going here and subscribing to the Union County Soccer Club.

Union County Soccer Club Adult "Pick Up" Games

15-99 N/A Su, W 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
BVRA West Field on 15th Street
Donations collected for field

maintenance at each session