The BVRA Gym has Moved!

We’ve Moved!

Monday, December 4th marks our first day at our new location in the former Lewisburg High School gymnasium.  We are very excited about the new space and the opportunities it will provide.  However, we ask that you bear with us as we finish the final touches on our renovation.  Please read the following updates so we can make this transition as smooth as possible.

Directions and Parking:
The former Lewisburg High School, now the Green Space Building, is located at 815 Market Street.  Please park in the lot closest to Route 15.  The entrance for that parking lot is accessed off of Saint Louis Street.

  • Enter through Door 19 for: ParenTot, Fundamentals, and All Martial Arts classes.  Once inside the, enter our new Multipurpose Room through the green door on your left.
  • Enter through Door 23 for: Sparks, Bolts, Surge, Team, Birthday Parties, and Kinderplaytime.  Once inside, please enter the gym through the green door to your left.  This will take you directly into our new lobby where there are lockers, and seats, and vending machines.

Important things to Know:

  • Please do not enter any other part of the building aside from the gym, our bathrooms, and BVRA office.  The rest of the building is privately rented by other tenants.  As good neighbors we are working together to make sure the rest of the building remains secure.
  • Phone and Internet.  We are working quickly to get phone and internet restored to the building.  However, we are experiencing a short interruption in service.  If you need to reach us while the phone is down please call the BVRA office at 570-524-4774 or contact John at (570) 412-1412 or Kelcie at (570) 847-4396.
  • Heating & AC:  The heat and AC in the new space is brand new.  Over the first few weeks we will be experimenting with temperatures in the gym in order to find a temp that is good for both athletes and parents.
  • Final Renovations:  Over the next month we will continue to work on a few final projects.  These will include replacing the overhead garage door in the multipurpose room with a set of custom built insulated doors.  T-Ross has ordered the doors and will install them upon their arrival in a few weeks.  We will also be renovating the old shower/bathroom area of the locker room into a new bathroom.  Until this area is fully finished we will be using the bathrooms outside the gym.  Thank you for your patience as we finish the renovation process.
  • Water Fountains:  A water cooler that dispenses filtered hot and cold water will be installed next week in the lobby and the multipurpose rooms.  There is also an accessible water fountain near the team room.  Please get your child in the habit of bringing a refillable water bottle.
  • Payments:  As of January 2018 the gym will no longer process payments.  All payments will go through the BVRA office.  The office will be open late during the first week of the session to accept payments and there will be a drop box for payments on the door.  Any child attending class will need to have completed an online registration before they can participate in class.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.  All instructors will have rosters.
  • Pricing: As of January 2018 the prices at the gym will be raised to the non-resident rate.  If you are a resident of Lewisburg Borough or East Buffalo Township you will be eligible to receive a one time $20 credit to your account for each participant.  This credit can be processed by anyone in the BVRA office.  If you would like, your $20 credit can be donated to our BVRA scholarship fund for gymnastics that will be set up in 2018.  Family and multiple class discount percentages will remain the same.

Looking forward to a great year in our brand new space!

Stacey Sommerfield
Executive Director, BVRA