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SAT Prep Combined MATH & READING:

Students will analyze the entire SAT exam and define the specific types of questions and related content of the math and reading sections. Customized Tutoring has a fabulous curriculum that reflects the categorized topics and definitive approaches that comprise the structure of the SAT exam while simultaneously distinguishing the needs of each student. The instructor, John Zangari-Ryan, has been working with students twenty years, and is the primary developer of the curricular approach and content. His energy and enthusiasm is guaranteed to engage the students in conversation, to develop new perspectives of approach, and to solidify the student's confidence of the exam. With small class sizes (5:1 student to teacher ratio), every student has ample opportunity to ask questions, work one-on-one with the instructor, and observe the perspectives of goal oriented peers.


Customized Tutoring Services will teach students a detailed and logistical approach to the Math section of the SAT. The CTS curriculum is designed by categorizing the math section into 18 distinct types of questions; from these questions students are shown how to identify, approach, and solve the individually distinguished problems. While analyzing the various questions, students reinforce, relearn, and even begin math operations relative to Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and trigonometry. Furthermore, the instructor, John Zangari-Ryan, is sure to bring a vivacious draw to the thought process and analytical ability of each student. No class is boring and every minute is flooded with knowledge, thought, and continuous impending questions. 


The reading portion of the SAT is constructed with a tongue that even the diverse find eclectic. From late 19th century issues regarding woman's rights to the 21st century dilemma of the bee colony collapses, the reading section of the SAT is built to identify the moods, tones, and insights to the culture of the present and the past alike. Customized Tutoring Services has designed a complex yet smooth curriculum that defines the guaranteed passages, adheres to the emotions of the author and observer, anticipates particular questions, and delineates the structure of the text. Through five classes with CTS, students are assured to feel absolutely confident about what to expect from the exam and how to read and critique the various forms of literature. In a small class setting (5:1 student to tea her ratio), the instructors of CTS, lead by the curriculum coordinator John Zangari-Ryan, work directly with the needs of the student in order to best teach and interpret the content. Students have opportunity to ask questions, share their opinions and interpretations, and observe the various perspectives of students with similar goals. 

Required Materials

Every student is required to purchase (CTS will have copies for sale) the "2018 SAT Study Guide by the College Board. "  The book can be found online HERE.  If you have any questions, please contact CTS at 570-428-2616 or via email at

About Customized Tutoring Services (CTS)

Every student is guaranteed to finish our CTS classes with optimism and encouragement. Please contact John Zangari-Ryan directly with any questions (570-428-2616). For more information about the structure of the CTS curriculum and approach to teaching, please visit

Class Location

All classes will take place at the Customized Tutoring Service office in downtown Lewisburg. Street address: 424 1/2 Market Street Suite #3, Lewisburg, PA.

SAT Prep Combined (May 2018 Exam)
N/A N/A M, Tu, W

4/3/18 — 5/2/18
7:00 PM – 8:15 PM
$260 Res / $310 Non-Res
SAT Prep Math (May 2018 Exam)
N/A N/A M, Tu

4/3/18 — 4/30/18
7:00 PM – 8:15 PM
$150 Res / $180 Non-Res
SAT Prep Reading (May 2018 Exam)
N/A N/A W 4/4/18 — 5/2/18
7:00 PM – 8:15 PM
$150 Res / $180 Non-Res
SAT Prep Combined - Summer Session
N/A N/A T/Th 6/26/18 — 8/9/18
SAT Prep Reading - Summer Session
N/A N/A Th 6/28/18 — 8/9/18
SAT Prep Math - Summer Session
N/A N/A T 6/26/18 — 8/7/18
10:00am - 11:20am
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