Rocketry Camp

Rocketry Camp!

Ages: 9-13 (16 max registrations)

June 29 - July 3

9 AM - 12 PM

Location: Lewisburg Area Recreation Park

Launch water rockets 100 feet in the air!

Build, paint, and launch!  Using simple constructs such as 2-Liter bottles, cardboard, and glue, students build a viable rocket that is launched using pressure.  Students will use engineering skills to construct efficient wings, a nose, and stability of the frame in order to achieve maximum height; students will also use math skills to determine the best proportions between the variables such as the amount of water in the rocket to pressure used during launch, and the results such as flight time and height.  When students launch, they will collect data such using an altimeter (height), radar gun (initial velocity), timer (time of flight) and a measuring wheel (horizontal distance). such as initial velocity, time of flight, and horizontal distance; this data will be used to make corrections and modify the rockets to then relaunch. All rockets will be painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a rubber sealant and are taken home at the end of the camp.  This is a great experience for students who like hands on building followed by some excitement for a successful construction!

June 29th - July 3rd
9-13 6/29/2020 - 7/3/2020
9 AM to 12 PM
Lewisburg Area Recreation Park
$220 Res
$230 Non-Res