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Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park will be held at the West Field at St Mary's Street park (across the street from the tennis courts). Classes are designed to progressively open the body through sequences of movements, postures and breath. The entire practice helps you connect to a deeper sense of awareness, self connection and ease. Typical components of a Vinyasa class include standing, seated and supine postures. Along with twists, balancing postures, forward folds, back bends and core strengthening. This is an all levels class so modifications will be provided.  Some classes will include mantra, meditation and breath work and all classes end with Savasana (deep relaxation). Drop-in fee is $8.00 per class.  This class can also be attended through Zoom. Contact Cheri Orndorf for more information!

Cheri Orndorf -


Chair Yoga*

*Will return in 2021.
Chair yoga is a great way to develop strength and stability in our bodies without using our body weight to do so.  The chair supports us as we breathe, stretch and twist while seated.  Chair yoga is good for those who are new to yoga, those who have some limitations in their spine, hip or knees and those who are uncomfortable getting up and down on the floor.

This is a gentle yoga class that focuses on our breath, how to circulate more energy throughout our bodies, while doing movements that will stretch and strengthen our spines and the muscles in all areas of our body.
Please join us for a fun time, lots of humor and increased body strength and flexibility.
Bring: mat, towel, and water
Class size is limited to 20 due to space constraints, pre-registration is recommended
About our instructors:  
Cheri Orndorf (hot yoga) has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching yoga for almost 10 years. She enjoys blending various styles of yoga and sharing it with others. Her passion is helping other find a deeper connection to themselves through yoga postures and breathing. Cheri is also an athletic trainer at Bucknell University where she specializes in rehab for athletes. 
Carol Graybeal (chair yoga), who is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga for 8 years.  Carol believes it is important to pay attention to how our bodies are feeling when we do yoga.  There are options for how to do each pose.  Chair yoga is a practice of compassion for ourselves, creating space in our bodies with our breath while increasing our strength and flexibility.

Classes will be held in the BVRA Conference Room, located in the Greenspace Center at 815 Market Street. Enter through door 19 follow the signs to BVRA Office to Greenspace RM number 183. 

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Yoga in the Park - September

18-99 TBD TBD $30.00