Nature’s Cool Play Garden For Children

About The Program:

Nature’s Cool Play Garden for Children is BVRA’s nature-based play program.  This program is one of the most popular programs in the area for children. The objectives for the program are to focus on outdoor play while giving children the opportunity to explore nature and support comprehensive physical, social & emotional development, including opportunities for multi-sensory learning, appropriate risk-taking through active play, real work and self-calming activities, all of which are essential for a young child’s development.

We will utilize the resources of BVRA to include the play garden, the warming house, nature trails, and the park in the rain, snow or shine.  Children must be potty-trained AND 3-years old to participate in the program. Parents will need to provide outdoor the appropriate clothing for all types of weather to keep your children warm and safe.  We will be outside each day no matter the weather. The extreme cases are lightning and temperatures below 16 degrees F. With that said, we will still be outside for a portion of the day even in the temperatures is below 16.  Our goal is to spend 90 to 120 minutes outside during the three hour block. While indoors we are still incorporating play as well as taking time for bathroom breaks, water breaks, daily special guests/activities/events, story time, and clean-up time.  

We offer the program for a two, three, and five day experiences for the AM and PM  time slots. We have this model to accommodate as many families as possible and their busy schedules.  The AM session is 9 am to 12 pm. Then the afternoon session starts at 1 pm and goes to 4 pm. There are a total of 12 children max in the space for each AM and PM session for a total of 24 children a day.  We have small groups to utilize the resources of BVRA and maximize relationship building with the children and staff.

About Our Staff:

Kristin Walker is our new Education Director. She graduated from Lock Haven University.  She comes to BVRA with a background in education. During her career, she has worked in a residential facility with adults and teens with developmental and behavioral disabilities. Most recently, she worked with high school youth with behavioral challenges. Her passion is working with children of all ages, but she especially loves the preschool age group. She enjoys working with children to develop them through their own natural learning styles, as well as helping children with developmental delays and behavioral challenges. As a result of teaching students from preschool classrooms through high school in both public and private settings as well as alternative education classrooms, Kristin has a better understanding and appreciation for the preschool age children. You can contact Kristin at or at the BVRA Main phone number at 570-524-4774.

 Olivia Agosti joined BVRA as an AmeriCorps member.  After falling in love with the summer Mini Camp program, Oliva decided to spend another year with BVRA.  A 2018 graduating from Philadelphia University, Olivia spent a year in Washington DC and recently relocated to Lewisburg in March. She is excited to make Central Pennsylvania her new home.  Olivia grew up in Tamaqua Pennsylvania where the woods were her backyard, even with her time spent in cities, she always finds her way to parks or on hiking trails. She can't wait to meet all the children and continue to laugh and explore the outdoors with each of them.

Due to the popularity of this program we are working with a wait-list for all slots.  Please call BVRA at (570) 524-4774 to be added to the wait-list.

Spring 2020 Semester:
Monday January 6 - Friday May 22, 2020.  A total of 20 weeks.

We follow the Lewisburg School District Calendar:

Below are the dates that the program will be closed

Monday January 20, 2020 Martin Luther King Day

February 14, 17, & 18, 2020.    The 14 & 18 are snow make up days as needed Lewisburg School District, we will do the same as needed.

April 9, 10, & 13, 2020 Easter.    Again the 9th is a snow make up day as needed for Lewisburg School District, we will do the same as needed.  

5 Day Tuition

  • 20 Weeks with 7 Holidays (unless there is a snow make up day in there) 93 days
  • $350.00 per Month (5 months), $1,750.00 per semester 

3 Day Tuition (M,W,F)

  • 20 Weeks with 5 Holidays (unless there is a snow make up day in there) 55 days
  • $205.00 per Month (5 months), $1025.00 per semester

2 Day Tuition (Tu, Th)

  • 20 weeks with 2 holidays (unless there is a snow make up day in there 38 days
  • $145.00 per Month, $725.00 per semester