Jr. Leader Development Program

BVRA is excited to offer our budding Junior Leadership Development Program for 2021!
The Junior Leadership Development Program is designed to help prepare participants of the program to
be Junior Leaders at our BVRA Summer Camps, in our community and beyond.  During the Junior
Leadership Development Program, Junior Leaders will gain valuable skills through leadership and team
building activities including community service, assisting Camp Counselors and even leading activities for
younger children. We are seeking individuals between the ages of 12 and 15 years of age to participate. There is no cost for this
program. Registration forms will need to be completed and returned no later than April 23rd .
The Junior Leadership Development Program will be hosted at the BVRA Nature Studio and the first event
will occur on Saturday, April 24th . The program will continue through Friday, August 13th.  If there is
interest to continue beyond summer or expand to offer to more children in the future, we will be excited to
do that as well. BVRA encourages our Junior Leaders to attend all the leadership development activities planned prior to
camp and to attend all eight weeks of summer camp. However, we also recognize that our Junior Leaders
will be serving the community in other civic engagements and building skills in other facets of their lives
too. Therefore, BVRA will continue to strongly encourage participation in all the activities and camps, but
attendance is not required. If interested in registering for the Junior Leadership Development Program, please contact BVRA’s Nature
Program Director, Becky Cunfer at bvraprograms@bvrec.org. BVRA will then reach out to all interested
parties with instructions to register for the program and the enrollment packet to be completed for the
Thank you for your interest in the Junior Leadership Development Program.