Holiday Gifts That Support the BVRA Gym

It’s that time of year! BVRA Gymnastics Center is running our annual Colonial Candlecrafters fundraiser, as well as a Resilite/DGS mats fundraiser. Candle orders are due by November 28th and will be in by the last week of this session. The top fundraiser from each program (Sparks, Bolts, etc) will win either a free session of gymnastics or a free gymnastics birthday party! Ask a coach for a fundraising form today. Read on for the mat fundraiser information.

Visit the BVRA Gymnastics webpage ( and scroll down to the bottom of the page to access both the Resilite and DGS sites. If you navigate from that point, Energy earns a bonus from every sale. The prices are still competitive.

Resilite is a manufacturer based in Northumberland, PA, selling mats of various sizes and shapes. DGS (Direct Gym Supply) offers a wide range of gymnastics products including some leotards and grips as well as mats and equipment.

Remember to leave time for shipping!