Gym Move Update

BVRA Gym Move Update as of November 15, 2017:

It’s Finally Happening!!

After a long and arduous process the gym is finally ready to move!  This week we have a final push of contractors here helping us finish up major projects.  Here is what is happening over the next two weeks.  

Thanksgiving Week (November 20-24)- Gym Closed

  • The week of Thanksgiving we are always closed.
  • Monday & Tuesday we will be working to finish painting, cleaning, and general prep for the move.

November 27th- December 1st– Gym Closed 

  • Instead of 8 weeks in this session there are 9 to accommodate 1 week for the gym move.  During this week all gym programs will be suspended.  We will make space for team to practice.  
  • Monday– We are giving ourselves one final day to finish painting and cleaning.  There is also an area of the floor that will be repaired that day.  
  • Tuesday & Wednesday– We are renting two large trucks on Tuesday & Wednesday for the move.  This is the big push.  We are currently hiring additional movers, but we need as many volunteers as possible.  We have a lot to move.
  • Thursday & Friday– This is our last push to get things cleaned and in place.  We will also need to clean the old gym.   Lots of final work to be done.  We will also be putting the foam floor down in the multi-purpose room.  

Monday, December 4th– Gym Re-Opens in 815 Market Street Location!

  • The gym will re-open on Monday, December 4th.  Please park on the west side of the building in the lot closest to Route 15.  Enter the building through door 19 or 23.  We will have signs to guide you.  

Volunteers:  If you would like to volunteer your time, or donate towards the move in any way, those donations (time or money) are tax deductible.  We need as many volunteers as we can wrangle.  Everyone is welcome.  We need painters and cleaners Thanksgiving week, and movers and cleaners the week after.  Please contact  John if you are interested.  You will receive a tax donation letter from BVRA.  

I thank you all for your patience through this long process.  The new gym is going to be a vast improvement.  However, there will be some remaining construction to complete once we move in.  We will continue to work on the gym through the end of the year.  We wanted to move by December 1st to save ourselves from paying double rent.  Every dollar saved on rent is a dollar we can spend on the gym.   The climate control in the new gym will also be a vast improvement during these winter months.  Please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions.  

Stacey Sommerfield
Executive Director, BVRA