BVRA Gymnastics thanks everyone for helping us reach our goal for our new foam pit last year!
(you can watch a video of the installation here:
This year we are starting to raise funds towards a new spring floor.

How the Cartwheel-a-Thon Works:  Students and team members of all ages and levels have been invited to collect pledges (either flat rate or on a per-move basis) over the first few weeks in March and then to do as many cartwheels as they can in one minute during their class between March 25th and March 31st.  This will happen under the watchful eye of our volunteer Cartwheel-a-Thon monitors. While this is called a Cartwheel-a-Thon, students who aren't yet up to that skill are allowed to adjust it to a forward roll or tuck jump as appropriate.  Everyone will do the cartwheels (or other skills), but no one is required to collect donations.  Anyone who collects at least $20 in donations will be eligible for prizes.  Prizes will be awarded for the most funds raised, most sponsors, and most skills.

Free Party at the Gym or One Session's Tuition for
    • 9 and Under- Top Fundraiser
    • 9 and Under- Most Unique Sponsors
    • 10 and Over- Top Fundraiser
    • 10 and Over- Most Unique Sponsors
$20 Voucher Toward an Article of Energy Gymnastics Apparel for
    • 9 and Under- Highest Number of a Given Move
    • 10 and Over- Highest Number of a Given Move
Coupon for a Free Ice Cream at Tastecraft
    • Highest Earner in Each Level:  Surge, Sparks, Bolts, Burst, ParenTot, Ninjastics

How to Donate:  Checks can be made out to EGPG (Energy Gymnastics Parents Group), put together in an envelope with your pledge sheet and put in the EGPG box in the gym lobby.  If you want to support the Cartwheel-a-Thon using a credit card instead, please click the donate button below (these donations will go first to BVRA for forwarding to EGPG).  You MUST make note of any online donations on your sponsorship form in order to get credit for it in the prize tally.  We will cross check those with online donations to verify.  All donations are due both online and in the box by April 21.  Donations to EGPG are not tax deductible.