BVRA 2020 Capital Campaign

This year’s Capital Campaign will support our new Outdoor Recreation Initiative and our St. Mary Street Park.  We’ll be working to expand our outdoor recreation offerings, enhance the outreach of our outdoor community, and obtain the equipment necessary to continue growing the program.

As our community in the Buffalo Valley continues to grow and change, we believe it is imperative that our citizens have ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in safe, enriching, and diverse ways. This is our mission for the 2020 calendar year. We hope that through increased access and programming, we will encourage community members of all ages to get outside and enjoy nature.

Some of the highlights of this year’s new outdoor initiatives will be our Learning to Lead low ropes after school leadership experience, enhanced outdoor recreation summer camps, day trips, technical excursions, overnight camping, corporate team building, winter recreational pursuits like skiing & snowboarding, skate park events, and new children’s programming. Maintenance of our existing outdoor spaces (such as the Warming House, Play Garden, Skate Park, LCP, etc), will also continue to be a priority. These spaces, which provide the backdrop for all that we do at BVRA, will be used in new and interesting ways.

This year, help us remind the community of all the outdoor recreation offerings available to us in the Buffalo Valley. Help us get back in touch with our roots. Help us get outside!