BVRA 2019 Capital Campaign

What is YOUR Saint Mary Street Park? Is it hanging out at a pavilion with friends and family?  Running through the playground trying to keep up with your child?  Sitting beside the creek enjoying the sounds of running water on your lunch hour?  Have you spent an afternoon volleying tennis balls over the nets? Or lost an afternoon swimming in the Lewisburg community pool?  Perhaps you met your friends on the west field for a game of soccer, or on the basketball court for a pickup game. Maybe you’ve been to the skate park to try your hand at being a daredevil, or simply enjoyed the idea that you “could” be a daredevil.  If you really wanted to.

Sitting in the center of Lewisburg, the Saint Mary Street park is the jewel of Union County. It offers an ability to get outside and enjoy the best of what our community has to offer.  And best of all, it’s accessible to everyone. The park provides many free opportunities for every age and ability. Saint Mary Street park is the place our community comes together to meet our neighbors, see old friends, and make new ones. 

In honor of this beautiful gem, BVRA is launching our “My Saint Mary Street Park” campaign.  Throughout 2019 BVRA will be planning events and fundraisers that showcase the park.  We will also be soliciting photos of the park through the ages. All funds raised during this campaign will support the maintenance and improvement of the park.  We’ll be working to purchase new maintenance equipment, repair and upgrade the playground, update the pavilions, improve pool deck seating, and make enhancements to the landscaping.  

Please consider donating to our My Saint Mary Street Park Campaign. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to the Park. Find out more about the BVRA Capital Campaign online at www.bvrec.org.  Also, mark your calendars!  The BVRA Gala will be held on Saturday, March 2nd.  This year’s theme is “Mad Hatters Ball” and tickets go on sale November 1st.  If you want to get involved with BVRA as a volunteer or have any questions please contact Sarah Biddle at mail@bvrec.org.  

We’ll see you at the park!

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